By: Blonde One

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As you may remember the Two Blondes have accepted the challenge from the Duke of Edinburgh and decided to do our very own Diamond Challenge in the form of a Bronze, Silver and Gold style expedition this year. In typical Blonde style we decided to do our Silver first over the Easter holidays. We have just finished our Bronze expedition and did it with a little twist.

We walked in the normal area that our youngsters walk, did roughly the same didstance and camped in the same place. But our expedition differed from the norm in a few important ways. Over the past few years we have been so lucky to have the support of five amazing young leaders, so we thought how nice it would be to invite their equally amazing mums on this expedition. All 5 of them accepted our challenge and joined us for a fantastic trip. We spent a lot of time laughing and everyone enjoyed themselves. It was nice to get to know them properly instead of just having 5 minute chats with them in the car park as they drop off or pick up their son or daughter.

Our expedition also differed as we didn’t cook our own dinner; we had a takeaway delivered from one of our support crew (the dads of our young leaders). We also didn’t cook our own breakfast; bacon sandwiches were delivered. We also didn’t carry our own tents and stoves; yes you guessed it they were delivered too. The last difference was on day 2; instead of having a packed lunch we decided to stop at the pub and have a delicious Sunday roast. Despite all of these alterations (some would call them cheats) we still feel that we completed a Bronze expedition and we’re sure that the Duke won’t mind too much.

If you feel that you would like to sponsor me to help raise the £60 needed to get my special Diamond anniversary pin I would be very grateful.