By: Blonde Two

By Blonde Two

Mr Blonde Two and I went out on a windy Dartmoor Bimble on Sunday. We were checking out bivvy locations for a December bike ride that he is planning with friends. We found a few lovely spots with all of the usual camping things: grass, mud, sheep poo etc; and then we found somewhere a bit more unusual; it was a Dartmoor campers’ waterbed.

I don’t know if you have ever slept on a waterbed; I have, it was a warm and comfy experience. The Dartmoor equivalent would, I suspect, not be quite as relaxing. Like a giant boil, but without the heat; this wavering piece of earth would have had me worrying all night about imminent collapse.

You find these soggy pimples all over Dartmoor, the Ten Tors kids love playing with them. It is particularly entertaining to make a hole in one, jump on it and watch the water spurting out.

We have a video for you below (this is a Blonde first, so please be patient if it doesn’t work first time).