By: Blonde Two
Featured image copyright: Instagram FuzzyFellaRides

Dear Lady

You don’t know me but I know some things about you. I know for example that over the last two weeks you have nearly knocked my husband off his bike… TWICE!

I know that you are often in a hurry. I know that you think you have looked when you pull out into the traffic, but you haven’t.

Please don’t be in such a hurry, being late really isn’t that bad, at least it isn’t as bad as actually knocking my husband off his bike. Not knocking people off their bikes is simple; here’s what you need to do when you get to a junction:

Look at the traffic.
Make your decision to pull out.
Keep looking.
Pull out.

You will know my husband next time you see him. He will be wearing lots of bright clothes and have the brightest light you have ever seen on a bike (he always does). He will be moving quite fast, maybe as fast as the cars.

Mr B2 ProViz 360

Hopefully next time you will have looked specifically for bikes and will watch him ride past you. Please make sure that you do, I quite like him coming home.

Kind Regards

Blonde Two