By: Blonde Two

Dinger Tor is a Dartmoor tor of two sides:

Copyright Ordnance Survey 2016

Copyright Ordnance Survey 2016

Well if the truth be known, it is a tor of 360 sides as it is approachable from pretty much any direction. If you approach from the north via army tracks, you get the feeling that, should you continue south, you would be leaving behind the last bastion of civilisation. If however you approach from the south or west, upon your arrival at Dinger you will receive the (false) impression that you are nearly ‘there’. As Blonde One always tells me, camp is ‘five minutes, just around the corner’.


I haven’t visited Dinger as many times as you would imagine (despite it being on the Ten Tors routes) which means that I can’t tell you for sure whether or not Blunderbus the Giant still lives there, or whether or not his wife Jennie really introduced clotted cream to Devon. This story bothers me because it implies that the recipe for clotted cream was (albeit briefly) in Cornwall before it was in Devon. So close to the border, I am surprised that the legend hasn’t sparked civil unrest. Maybe Dinger Tor is a fortress, it certainly looks like one from the south (it looks like nothing from the north).

Blonde One, I think a Blonde wild camp at Dinger Tor is in order. A wild camp with scones and clotted cream for breakfast and hopefully no giants!