By: Blonde Two

Most women I know are quite organised with their packing and I like to think that I am too but there is one (often unmentionable) area of packing (the lighter weight kind) on which I fall down. It is that of dirty underwear. Now please don’t cringe, you wear underwear too and I imagine that your undies also become beyond use after a day out on the hills. My issue with dirty undies is a simple one, I never have a separate bag in which to keep mine (I either forget or am too weight-stingy to pack one). This sometimes leads to me having to use unsatisfactory methods (I refuse to define these) in order to ascertain which pair I should be wearing the next day (and no, I don’t always get this right).

The other day my brain finally finished calculating its solution to this problem (it has only taken it 20 years) and suggested that, at the end of each day, I tied the grubby undies in a knot before I shoved them back into their bag with the clean ones. Now this solution does depend on my wearing knickers big enough to tie a decent knot in (I have recently experimented with a bowline) but that shouldn’t be a problem because despite my recent weight loss (me not the kit) I still don the equivalent of a small bivvy bag under my jeans each morning.

And that is how I am currently experimenting with getting my knickers in a twist… all good so far and no, the bowline didn’t work!