By: Blonde Two

I don’t know about yours but my airing cupboard is a bit lacking in the general towel department. My favourite bath towel is old and tatty but is an efficient dryer both of me and itself (necessary when you do so much getting wet each day). As well as my motley collection of bathroom towels I have also accumulated a fair few light-weight travel towels. These seem to be of two types, the chamois leather, stick to your skin type and the short pile, almost a normal towel type. Both of these types serve their purpose well; I can balance the former on my bust and it won’t fall down (a possibly useful party trick) and, when I am swimming more than once a day, I use the latter at home because it dries between showers.

We have a travel towel permanently installed in our campervan (to go with the permanent toiletry bag and the permanent swimming togs). Whether I am visiting a posh hotel or a peaty puddle, I always pack my mini travel towel when I go away overnight: this item was £3.99 and possibly the best price-per-use item of any of my camping kit as it works for person-drying, face-washing and wiping escaping camp food off hotel showers (Blonde One can tell you about that one!) Pictured above are my two favourite travel towels. The Dart 10K one because I was so proud to be given it on completing the swim and the Ordnance Survey Ben Nevis towel because it was a gift and I have taken it almost everywhere but not up Ben Nevis… yet!

In total I think I have four travel towels. You probably don’t need that many but I recommend investing in one, it will work for adventures but you will probably end up using it at home as well.