By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes had a great day out on Dartmoor with our Ten Tors youngsters yesterday. They were all lovely, some starting to show some navigation promise, some showing their willingness to walk straight through mud and puddles and others being prepared to swap a pork pie for a scotch egg when necessary. All good and very pertinent qualities when it comes to team selection.

We gave the newbies a measure of independence but also did a fair amount of navigation training (you can never learn too much about maps and compasses). All tried hard but inevitably, the training was more successful with some than with others.

One lad who, I think it is fair to say (I have been proved wrong in the past), will never be the team navigator, struggled on the moor but made us all laugh when, spotting a massive orange building on the way home, he suddenly piped up, “Now I know where we are, we are by B&Q!”

It is all in the training you know!