By: Dartmoor Blondes

The outdoors is a blokey world

Which, let’s be honest here girls, is one of the reasons that we love it so much!

So how can we make sure that, whilst beating the blokes at their own game (another reason we love it) we retain an element of femininity?

In other words – IS PINK THE ANSWER?

We can feel you cringing as we type,  but in the name of Blonde research, let’s investigate some possibilities that give just that hint of girliness:

Berhaus Womens Torridon 60 RucksackBerghaus Torridon 60

£85 Cotswold Outdoor.  Colour – Jet Black.  Blonde thoughts – Hmm, just that little hint of pink on a pack that otherwise says, “Take me very, very seriously.”  We like it!

Scarpa-Waltoro-WmsScarpa Womens Baltoro GTX Boot

£149 Scarpa.  Colour – Grey/Pink. Blonde thoughts – We Blondes have had mixed experience with Scarpa boots in recent years but you have to agree, these could brighten up the boggiest of Bimbles.

Icebreaker-Flexi-ChuteIcebreaker Merino Flexi Chute

£25 Icebreaker.  Colour – Magenta.  Blonde thoughts – We Blondes love scarves.  My neck likes a bit of merino comfort.  Ring the mood changes with this one – pink neck (keep me warm), pink head (pay attention).

The Blonde jury is out on pink but you can be sure of one thing. Should we choose to go down the powder, cerise or magenta route, we Blondes will be easy to spot out on Dartmoor!