By: Blonde Two

Blonde One and I spend a lot of time sitting (or indeed lying) on the ground. Whether it’s to slurp coffee (tea for me), munch lunch or even snore the night away, we are more than happy to sit in gateways, on rocks, and occasionally in the middle of bogs. That’s not to say however, that we don’t appreciate a good bench when we come across one. Of course with social distancing, finding two benches is better than finding one.

During last week’s Dartmoor Way walk we were being too careful keeping our distance to sit on this bench. Which was a shame because it really was one of the most impressive examples I have discovered in a while. Fashioned from what I presume is a tractor axle, this bench was at the top of a rather muddy lane, looked inviting even with a damp seat (my seat was also damp by that time), and had its very own visitors’ book. Sadly the rain had soaked the book so we couldn’t sign it but we agreed it was a lovely thought.

During my local lockdown one explorations I got to know a few local benches quite well. I still visit some of them on my morning swim walks. ‘Larry’ is my favourite. By the time I reach him I am usually too warm (this is pre-swim), and need to stop to take my jacket off. I always say, ‘Hello’ and although ‘Larry’ doesn’t respond. I’m sure he is pleased to see me. On the way home I walk a slightly different way but I always give ‘Larry’ a wave goodbye.

‘Larry’ by the way is positioned next to ‘Shirley’. I am fairly certain that, when the street lights go out, ‘Larry’ and ‘Shirley’ get together and have a good gossip. I imagine they giggle and put the world to rights. Who knows, in the next hundred years (do benches last that long) there might even be a bench romance occurring. ‘Larry’ by the way, does not go and chat to ‘Susan’ who is opposite him. She shares a bench with her husband ‘Bert’, who can get a touch jealous on a chilly night.

If you think I’m crazy, you’re be right but I’m not the only one. People collect benches you know. try looking up Benches_of_Wales on Instagram or MyFaveBench on Twitter. You’ll soon see what I mean!