By: Blonde Two

There can be no doubt about it, Wales is a beautiful place to visit, especially if you enjoy the outdoors. With mountains, moors and coastline all available there is scenery and challenge out there to suit every taste. When you mention Wales however, the first thing that many people comment on is the weather. We all think that it rains in Wales. In fact in May 2018 30% of respondents in a Welsh tourism industry survey gave the weather as a factor in the decline of the tourist industry. It does of course rain right across the UK but does it rain in Wales more than it does in England? After a particularly enjoyable Welsh soaking I did a bit of research to find out (statistics from Statista).

Annual UK rainfall 2016

England – 821mm

Wales – 1370mm

Annual UK rainfall 2017

England – 827mm

Wales – 1416mm

Annual UK rainfall 2018

England – 800mm

Wales – 1440mm

Wales does have more rain than England

So there we have it, it is official. Wales is wetter than England. However one of the reasons that Wales is so wet, its mountains, is also the reason that we all find it so beautiful. Small wonder that people who love the hills are amongst the most waterproof in Britain!


How wet is Dartmoor?

Before I go, my research did lead me to somewhere that has almost as much rainfall as Wales. Princetown on Dartmoor has the wettest weather station in the South West and in 2019 saw 1364 mm of rain. So that’s why I feel so much at home in Wales!