By: Blonde Two

I have recently been doing a bit of research for a forthcoming Blonde book. I am writing a chapter on walking kit and have reached the underwear section (here are some previous Blonde thoughts on this topic). This research is deeply scientific and the results will undoubtedly be world changing. My hypothesis is this:

Women’s bottoms are colder than men’s.

As I am clearly not allowed to check this hypothesis out myself, I have decided to enlist all of you blog fans in the process. I politely request empirical data that effects a comparison between the temperature of a male bottom and a female one. I will leave it up to you to decide how you will find this out but after much thought I have decided, in the interests of reputation, not to issue official ‘bottom grabbing’ badges.

The results of this research will help me to recommend the types of underwear most suited to the female outdoor form but maybe, more importantly, it might help me to understand why this particular part of my anatomy can remain cold in a 3-season sleeping bag in the middle of June!