By: Blonde Two

Apparently super moons can cause super tides. Being super Blondes I felt that it was our duty to test this theory so on Monday evening after work I took Blonde One on a guided Bimble/coffee picnic to Anstey’s Cove. I have since discovered that we were following in impressive steps because Agatha Christie used to enjoy moonlit picnics at Anstey’s with her friends.

We didn’t write any best-selling detective novels while we were there and we didn’t see the moon at all, but we did spend some time debating the mysterious difference in smell between Torbay and Scilly. It’s not anything to do with sea-nasties because Torbay is quite clean; Anstey’s Cove for example has a rating of ‘excellent’ and has had zero intestinal enterococci all year (nobody likes swimming with intestinal enterococci!) We also rejected different types of seaweed as an option although I am not sure I would eat Torbay’s seaweed despite having eaten some from Scilly. In the end, it was Blonde One in her geographical wisdom who proposed the hypothesis that different seas have different smells. This made sense to me, England doesn’t smell like America so why should the English Channel smell like the Atlantic?

Except of course, that it is part of the Atlantic… it only took us three days to work this out!

There’s a reason they call us ‘Blonde’ you know!