By: Blonde Two

The DofE recently published an infographic in their most excellent magazine. Infographics are great, they show lots of number-ish facts in a pictorial format that even a number-nervous Blonde can appreciate.

The DofE one was even better than great. I told us that 91% of DofE participants felt that doing DofE had helped them to become better team members; and that 75% of them felt that they communicated better after DofE. There were other cool number facts too; take a sneaky look below.

DofE Inforgraphic

I thought it would be interesting to consider a similar infographic for DofE leaders/volunteers. If it were up to me I would include questions like:

“How many nights have you slept away from home this year?”

“Do you feel supported by your school?”

“Does leading DofE give you a sense of purpose?”

“On average, how many hours sleep do you get a night when you have youngsters out camping?”

“Do you actually like standing around in the rain?”

“Have you ever thought about an easier hobby?”

“Have you made some good friends doing DofE?”

“Have you ever felt like you would burst with pride at the sight of your teams completing an expedition?”

Do feel free to answer, or to add a few more questions!