By: Blonde Two

As you lovely Blondees and Blondettes know, I have recently been in charge of Ten Tors camp food; much more importantly, I have also been in charge of CAMP COFFEE (not that lovely bottled stuff that you could eat off a teaspoon, these days camp coffee has to be made in a cafetiere which makes things much more complicated!)

Anyway, in order to be in charge of camp coffee, you also need to be in charge of the camp kettle. Our Ten Tors camp kettle is shiny, shapely and capacious. Everything, in fact, that it should be; except that it isn’t ours!

Last year, in May, just before Ten Tors weekend family Blonde Two had an extended family camp up in Worcestershire. I spent most of the weekend eyeing up the camp kettle and eventually plucked up the courage to ask Mum if I could borrow it for Ten Tors.

That was two years ago. The kettle is now well on its way to earning its very own Ten Tors long service award medal. But now I have to take it home.

Mothers do strange things sometimes (I should know, I am one). When Mum rang all three of our telephone devices at 10.30 on Thursday night, we didn’t pick up (teachers go to bed as early as they can get away with). On noticing the messages in the morning I had a modicum of panic, you know the sort of thing. Was somebody ill? Had somebody died? Was there an ‘r’ in the month? Mum rang again in the morning, Mr B2, knowing my concern (and being a bit of a tease) put on a very serious voice and said things like, “I hadn’t got that message, no.” and “I will let her know as soon as possible.” After hanging up (surely now an obsolete phrase) he let me frown at him for a moment before saying, “Nothing to worry about, Mum wants you to bring the camp kettle up this weekend.”

So I have the kettle, it hasn’t left my side since I fished it out of the stores this morning and is pictured above on my school desk (just to prove that I do really work!) I don’t think Mum trusts me to remember because she even put a comment on yesterday’s blog post!

Families are great aren’t they. Which is just as well because we are all camping together again this weekend in celebration of Aunty Starfire’s (very big and special) birthday in June. Cue sunshine, campfires, singing (with my family there is always singing), food and lots of laughter.

If only I could think of a plan to sneak the camp kettle back down south again afterwards!!!