By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes freely admit that they inhabit a rather weird world.  Today we are planning to break all of the rules (again) by meeting up with someone, we shall call him ‘The Hat’ that we met via this very Blonde blog.  I must have taught a million youngsters about internet safety rules and here I am ignoring all of them.  The rules (and our breaking of them) go like this:

Don’t talk to people you don’t know on the internet.  Oops, we don’t know most of you and definitely don’t know even a fraction of our 1857 Twitter followers.

Don’t give out your email address.  Oops, it wouldn’t take even the most digitally inept of you very long to track ours down.

Don’t tell anyone your real name.  Ooops. Although Blonde One and Blonde Two are unusual names and it is a great coincidence that our parents chose these names for two people who wouldn’t become friends until well into adulthood, we felt it only fair to be open with you about them.

Don’t arrange to meet anyone you have met on the internet.  Double Blonde Ooops! That is exactly what we are going to be doing today.  ‘The Hat’ has been in touch and expressed an interest in visiting the wonderful Fox Tor Cafe and meeting the Two Blondes.  How could we refuse?

We have done our research though!  ‘The Hat’ is a walkist and most walkists are quite lovely.  Not only is he a walkist but he walks very long distances and is a long way from home.  I have spoken to his brother who assures us that he is perfectly harmless.  I have emailed his daughter who sounds a bit like a Blonde (no idea about her actual hair colour) and she seems very nice.

All the same, you might want to watch out for us today up at Fox Tor Cafe, just to check that all is ok.  We will be the Blondes in the corner chatting to someone who looks like he might be called ‘The Hat’!