By: Blonde Two

Mysterious things happen on Dartmoor and Monday night was no exception.  The Two Blondes met their Dopplegangers (apparently you don’t have to use an umlaut here which is good as I don’t know how to type one).

It was nearly dark (dimpsy again) and were walking up a fairly steep, very muddy hill.  Near the top we stopped to talk to two ladies who were considerably older than us.  Let me make sure that you understand the situation, this was not an easy tourist track, we were near the road but it was hard going.  It was definitely a strange place for anyone to be at dusk in December let alone this pair.

The ladies were on their way down from the top of the tor – they had been having a car picnic and got a bit chilly so had decided to walk up the hill (like you do).  After a friendly exchange we carried on walking our separate ways and joked about how that would be us in some years time.  It wasn’t until today that a couple of strange similarities struck me;  They had the same hair colour as us, one had a walking pole and needed to use it (like Blonde Two).  One was quite cold (like Blonde One) and they were obviously good friends who were used to walking together.

I don’t believe in Dopplegangers or the bad luck that they are supposed to bring.  But just imagine if I did.  How odd to meet your future self and how lovely to find out that you are still enjoying your favourite past time in your favourite place.  Doppleganger does after all have its roots in the German words for “double” and “walker”.