By: Blonde Two

Mr Blonde Two and I have a new bed, it is very big … and that is all I am going to tell you about that.

I am going to tell you however, that on Saturday night, because my Mum’s house was overflowing with family; Mr B2 and I elected to sleep in the not so big truck (Toyota Hilux Surf). We have done this many times before; but this was different because we got to try out a double sleeping bag for the first time.Double Sleeping Bag

I decided long ago, that a double sleeping bag night would be a most excellent test of a marriage. Surely only a very friendly couple could survive a night of paired twisting, turning and zipping?

I was pleasantly surprised (not by the state of my marriage you understand). The best thing about sharing any sleeping accommodation with Mr B2 is that he is a walking radiator; by my estimation, our sleeping bag was heated to a snuggly twenty degrees for the entire night. Zips both sides were an excellent idea, they meant that we could utilise separate temperature regulation strategies (me warm up, he cool down) and exit for loo breaks (many) when required.

There were a few drawbacks, the main one being the state of bottom-play after a heavy night of goulash, treacle pudding and beer; I made the mistake at one point of putting my head down the sleeping bag in an attempt to escape a rather noxious smell, I nearly didn’t make it back out again!

Mum’s sleeping bag (despite being orange) wasn’t warm enough for a winter night out on Dartmoor; so I had a look to see if I could find a down version. I loved the name of these ‘Feathered Friends’; and if you look carefully, you will see ‘Big Orange’s’ (my sleeping bag) older brother, ‘Big Big Orange’!