By: Blonde Two

I don’t know if you remember but way back last year, during lockdown one I made an exciting discovery. I realised that I could walk to the beach from my house. This was, of course, something I should have worked out a long time ago as I live in Torquay (Torbay walks are fabulous) but there was something about the hills between me and the sea (about 100 height) that had blocked this piece of daily exercise knowledge from my mind.

Lockdown three exercise

Since that first lockdown, I have walked to the sea far more often than I have driven to it (I have the choice of three lovely beaches within 30 minutes) but during this winter, let’s call it the Longest Winter, of lockdown three, I have made a further discovery.

I can run to the sea!

Jogging with arthritis

I have experimented with jogging before but only ever in a very small way (my idea of small involves distances measured in 100 metres rather than kilometres), and never for any length of time. I have always made lots of excuses. I am overweight, I have arthritis in my knees, bits of me wobble… you know the sort of thing. However, this time I had a reason to start jogging, I wanted to encourage one of my offspring in his attempts to get fitter (this is working, by the way, he’s doing very well).

In truth, the jogging to the sea wasn’t in my plan (I was happy with around the block from home). Like so many things in my life, it just happened. I set off down the hill one day, intending to jog as far as the post box. The road steepens (a lot) after that and I didn’t think my knees/wobbly bits/lungs would be up to anymore.

But I kept jogging.

Running for weight loss

All the way downhill in fact. Down past the post box, round the houses, past the play park, and through the switchbacks. All the way to town. I was in shock by the time I got there and had to stop to phone Mr. B2 with the grand news.

It took me a few more goes to continue the run down through town to the sea but I have done it now. And, of course, have no excuses not to do it again. Mr. B2 and I don’t have a vehicle at the moment but are quite enjoying having to get places under our own steam. We like the chatting opportunity this gives us and I’ve discovered that running to the shops can get me there a lot quicker than walking, and sometimes quicker than driving and finding a parking space.

I have also discovered that running burns up far more calories than either walking or swimming. I lost a stone during lockdown one and have managed to keep that weight off. I am hoping that downhill running is going to prove as advantageous in the weight loss department as downhill walking.

Just in case you are interested. My lungs and I have yet to master the art of running back up the hills!


PS Does anyone know if there’s a difference between jogging and running?

Uphill Running