By: Blonde Two

Yesterday the Two Blondes had another great Dartmoor day filled with great young people.  The thing I love about youngsters is that they are always so unpredictable. The naughty ones behave, the chubby ones march and the quiet ones lead.  On top of all that usual unpredictability, yesterday there was an slightly disturbing tendency towards intelligent conversation in the back of the minibus.  It all started with a discussion of the novels of Dickens that I didn’t even understand; this somehow morphed itself into a very scientific sounding exposition on the subject of parallel universi (I am sure this should be the plural).  Please be assured that this level of conversation is not the norm.

Perhaps because of all this surprise and random (an overused word in the World-of-Teenager) behaviour from the youngsters, it is always good to be out walking with adults on whom you know you can completely depend.  We were a team of four yesterday, we always used to be so but general life and other business means that these days, the four of us rarely get together.

There is a bond between people that can only really be forged through facing difficult times together.  With this particular team, I have walked miles and miles of Dartmoor, dealt with medical emergencies, worried about late arrivals, faced exhaustion, overcome anger, celebrated success and cried over failure.  None of us are perfect, some of us worry too much, some of us have tempers and we all forget to smile from time to time.

But yesterday it did, for once, all look pretty much perfect.  The youngsters impressed and clearly had a great time, Dartmoor and its weather was as majestic as ever and (I am very proud of this) the last person was back at the bus at exactly the allotted hour. Only a Dream Team could achieve this and it was very, very good to have ours back together again for a day.