By: Blonde Two

The numbers of animal deaths on Dartmoor’s roads have increased this year. If you have ever tried to walk a team of youngsters along a Dartmoor lane, you will know that there are Dartmoor drivers who are careful and considerate. There are also those that are not! I have written this dummy’s guide for the latter:

1. If you don’t know the difference between 40 and 45 you shouldn’t have a driving licence.

2. That round thing on your dashboard tells you your speed; you are allowed to look at it. Have a play with the brake pedal, can you make the needle move towards the left?

3. Expect to see stock around the corner, their ancestors have been there for generations. Your’s probably haven’t.

4. It is actually okay to drive behind cyclists (and even walkers), overtaking is not compulsory.

5. Put your lights on in the rain (there will be a lot of it!)

6. The grey, hard areas are for driving on, the green, soft areas are not.

7. Don’t stop to feed the ponies, they won’t remember your name in the morning.

8. No Dartmoor sheep have been run over by walkers this year. You could consider getting out of your car and walking; it will do you (and the rest of us) good I promise!