By: Blonde One

As those of you with very good memories and a keen interest in all things Blonde will remember, it has only been a year since I passed my minibus driving test. At the time I wondered if I would like it, if I would be capable of it and also if I would regret it because it made me ‘the driver’ instead of ‘the walker’. I needn’t have worried: I do like it (a lot), I am capable of it and it has turned me into ‘the driver’ and ‘the walker’. I have tackled most things now in the bus. I can reverse around some pretty tight corners, I can manoeuvre into some narrow parking places and I can do long distance. The trip to the Isle of Man brought some new challenges. My co-driver was sadly and unexpectedly not able to come. The very lovely Bearded Wanderer joined The Two Blondes instead and worked incredibly hard to get his test done in time, but to no avail. Sometimes the wheels of minibus testing turn   v  e  r  y,   v  e  r  y   slowly. So the driving was left to me. I knew that I was up to the challenge and relished the thought of all the new experiences. A couple of ‘doubting Thomases’ tried to put a spanner in the works but those of you that know me will know that this just made me more determined! At the end of the trip the counter had recorded 900 miles! I couldn’t believe we had gone so far. There was a mixture of very busy motorway, city centre, narrow lanes, clear open roads and of course the TT track. You will be pleased to hear that my speed did not quite reach the nerve shattering speeds of the racers. I stuck to the limit for a bus and ignored the fact that on some of the TT track there is no upper speed limit! All in all, the driving was a pleasure (except maybe the 8 hours spent on the motorway coming home).

Blonde Two has mentioned souvenir shopping: all I wanted from the Isle of Man was a keying with “I drove the TT.” on it. You wouldn’t think it was so hard would you?!