By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes have been back out on Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition over the last two days. It was a Bronze expedition and the Young Leaders had done such an excellent job of recruitment that we had more teams than we have ever had before.

It was supposed to be a heat wave, and indeed there was heat and a fair amount of waving; there was also (on day two) an enormous amount of water falling from the sky. You would be amazed (but not if you run expeditions yourself) how much kit needs drying when twenty two youngsters empty their rucksacks. Usually, it is their job to take all of their borrowed kit (tents, stoves, first aid kits etc) home and dry it out, but we need a lot of it  for Gold DofE next week (no time off for Blondes at this time of year).

The sun had finally come out by the end of the expedition (two days independent), I didn’t see any steam rising from the participants but there should of been as they were cheery but soaked. There is a fair amount of waiting around but we are getting good at choosing nice spots to do it. The one had some rather unusual tree specimens.

Jacketus Visibilitus Aureus

Jacketus Visibilitus Aureus

Laurus Coverus Crocotulus

Sackus Coverus Crocotulus

I am thinking of letting the Royal Horticultural Society know.