By: Blonde Two

The Telegraph informed us yesterday that the scientists have finally acknowledged that being Blonde does not make one less intelligent.  We Two Blondes could have told the lab-coated-ones this a long time ago.  Being Blonde makes you lots of things; witty, entertaining, devastatingly gorgeous and very organised being just a few examples.  It also makes you do a few silly things from time to time (well most days really).  For example, I don’t think a brunette would embark on a mission to prove her worth as a volunteer Dartmoor guide and turn up without her map.  A brunette would definitely not forget how to drive to somewhere that she had been before.  Nor would a brunette even consider putting coffee into a flask that already contained hot water and a tea bag.

Apparently, the drastic change in hair colour from brunette to blonde is achieved by the simple means of changing one letter of a piece of DNA that hangs around with a certain gene.  I have achieved the same effect in the title above – change the “P” in “Dartmoor Preservation Association” to an “N” and you either have “Dartmoor Naturist Association” or (more likely given the climate) “deoxyribonucleic acid”.  What can I say?  If Blondes were lacking in intelligence, I would not have been able to do that.

Someone should point out to the scientists (clearly all boys) that these days, changing hair colour does not require genetic modification and that, for the intelligent Blonde woman, demeanour, ditziness and disarray are attributes well under her control to be deployed according to the demand of circumstances.  Blondes, you see, have always been clever.  They are just canny enough not to let it show all of the time.