By: Blonde One

We’ve mentioned in the past about being good at dynamic planning. This year (and I mean academic year) has seen the need for some quite drastic dynamic planning thanks to the good old weather! The Trinity School expeditions this year have been plagued by all sorts of weather (except heat waves, but the season is early yet!!).

We’ve had Storm Brian in October that rudely cut short the Gold DofE expedition. Our attempts at camping were curtailed.

The same Gold DofE group then had to relocate from Dartmoor to coastal South Devon due to Storm Thionn. Our wild camp couldn’t go ahead but a friendly farmer saved the day.

Our Ten Tors training walks have been cancelled, re-routed and re-planned numerous times due to heavy rain, fog, thunder and lightning, and ice.

I’m beginning to wonder if Dartmoor is a bit cross with me for some reason! Or is it just that it wants to test my skills. Well, whatever the reason, I will persevere Dartmoor. You will not be able to stop me, as my dynamic planning skills are just getting more and more refined!

On a serious note, some may think that getting a group up onto the hill whatever the weather is a good idea and good practice but it should be remembered that each team manager knows their team well (which includes limitations) and each team and manager should make decisions based on their own judgement and experience. The phrase ‘if it ain’t raining, it ain’t training’ should not be the deciding factor!

The Two Blondes, Lucy and Fi are Visit Dartmoor ambassadors. Visit Dartmoor is the National Park’s official tourism organisation and a great source of information for things to do and places to stay when you visit our beautiful moor.