By: Blonde One

The Two Blondes spend a lot of time planning personal walks and expeditions with kids and we have become very good at a specific form of advanced planning: dynamic planning. This type of planning is very familiar to us at the moment and requires the original plan to be adapted in situ. Just lately every plan that we have made, every route card drawn up and every timing measured has had to be changed for one reason or another. We have become quite expert and not at all bothered about changing plans to suit the situation. There are various reasons that plans need to be changed at the last minute. The weather causes the most plan chaos as rivers are swollen, heavy fog appears from nowhere or horizontal rain forces us to cut short our route. Time is also a factor in dynamic planning. When walking with novices it is difficult (if not impossible) to accurately judge how much time it will take for them to navigate their way across Dartmoor. Needless to say, many of our routes have been cut short so that we return to the minibus before dusk (or closure at 5pm of Fox Tor Café if we are walking alone). The last main reason for dynamic planning is injury. When walking with a large number of kids that are new to Dartmoor it will invariably be the case that at least one injury will occur that means the route needs replanning. Sometimes the injury is related to stamina and sometimes due to trips or falls but either way we are good at rethinking our plans to accommodate this.

Yesterday’s Two Blondes walk was an exception to the dynamic planning rule though. We managed to actually stick to our plan (very cleverly drawn up by Blonde Two). The weather was beautiful, our timing was perfect and there were no injuries. We returned to the car with a huge feeling of satisfaction not just because we had completed a lovely walk but because there was not the slightest hiccup to our plans! Perfect!