By: Blonde Two

Do you remember that delicious feeling of waking up with a full Christmas stocking at the end of your bed?  Well the Two Blondes have that feeling this morning as they drive into work (sadly we don’t walk everywhere!)  In my room, waiting for us, all wrapped up and full of possibility are three giant presents.  They are so big that it took a strong man to deliver them for us – always good to find a strong man although this one should maybe have been bearded and in a red coat.

Now we are not greedy Blondes and one box would have been exciting enough for us but three is like some kind of happy miracle.  One box for Blonde One, one box for Blonde Two and one for us to share (we are not sisters so we are very good at sharing!) These presents are not wrapped in shiny red paper, they do not rattle when you shake them (you would have to be a giant to shake them anyway) and they would definitely not fit down the chimney.

I have a good idea what is in them but I haven’t told Blonde One and I am not going to tell you yet.  I will give you a few clues though – the presents are to do with walking, they are for us to share with other people and they are probably exactly what both Blondes would like to find in their real Christmas stockings (double entendre possibilities there!)

The thing that is puzzling me now is how we should open our presents.  Should we have one each, count to three and race to open them?  Should we carefully peel back the edges of one box and peep inside?  Or maybe we should do it with our eyes shut and try to guess what is inside.

Either way, it is going to be enormous fun and, for lots of reasons, couldn’t have come at a better time.  Roll on tomorrow – and well done Santa, you know who you are ….