By: Blonde One

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You know when you go on holiday you say things like ‘I could like here’ or ‘let’s retire here’? Well Mr Blonde One and I have been saying all of those things and more about the Isles of Scilly on our many visits. This time especially we have begun planning how we might make it happen. Little Miss Blonde is so very happy here and is proving that being brave and following your dreams can be successful.


There are many many things about these islands that have drawn us back year after year but perhaps the main thing that has appealed to us this year is the pace of life. Mainland life in general, but in particular in education, is less than easy at the moment and within a few minutes of being here I felt a sense of wellbeing that I hadn’t felt for quite some time.



Daily life here is slow and calm. The commute to work is often a walk along a stunning coastal path or a little boat trip across to an off-island. Lunch hours can be spent sitting on the beach which is always less than half an hour walk away. Evenings are spent watching the sunset rather than watching Eastenders.

It’s a way of life that I think I could get used to.