By: Blonde Two

With fifteen days out on expedition in July, I am getting a bit concerned about what I am going to eat.  Eating, you must understand, is not usually a problem for me.  I am very good at it, not at all fussy and believe in quantity.  I can pack a picnic like Mohamed Ali could pack a punch.

The problem, however is that I am often so concerned that I am going to get enough calories when I am out walking (a hungry Blonde is a grumpy one) that I eat more calories than I burn.  I have been quite careful recently (I probably have rocket growing out of my ears) and I don’t want to undo the good work.

Calories are interesting things and can hide in places where you are not expecting them.  A bit like Dartmoor bogs, they are on the map but you still wince in surprise as the water comes over the top of your boot.  A pork pie used to be my favourite walking food, all that tastiness all packaged up nice and tidily in pastry.  If you like them, here is a Blonde warning – never, ever look at the calorie count bit of the packaging, you won’t ever enjoy one again.

So, this week’s Blonde challenge is to suggest something that will make me feel like I am eating well, pack safely into a rucksack and render me in perfect calorific balance. Now where is my pasty?