By: Blonde Two

On Monday night, the Two Blondes had a rather productive evening with their Gold Duke of Edinburgh group.  Blonde One has told you that we are venturing over the ocean to the Isle of Man in the summer.  In order for this to happen, there first has to be lots and lots of planning.  We had gathered on Monday to write routes (hooray!), plan a bunkhouse trip (yippee!) and fill in some important forms (yawn!).  No evening planning session would be complete without that staple of teenage fodder – the pizza, so we made an order and stopped half way through to munch.

For some odd reason, by this stage in the evening, I had become completely obsessed with finding out how big (in kilometres) different items of food would be in relation to a 1:25,000 map.  This made perfect sense to me but you are probably pulling a very puzzled face by now.  Let me explain.  If you measure a custard cream, it is just under 4cm, if you transfer this distance to your 1:25,000 map, a custard cream measures just under a kilometre of distance.  This was disappointing because I was hoping to discover some tasty food stuff that you could use out on Dartmoor, first to measure an exact kilometre to travel and then to top up your energy levels.

I didn’t have any Jelly Babies to hand for measuring (they never keep still anyway) but substituted instead a Love Heart (Blonde One is developing an addiction to these but don’t tell the Jelly Babies).  You can see below that a Love Heart is actually a very useful measure as it is almost exactly 500 metres wide.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a photo of a giant Love Heart laid out on Dartmoor to demonstrate this!


My final (and most triumphant) discovery was that an 11 inch pizza box was 28 cm square (odd when pizzas are round).  This led to some careful calculation and use of a bit of pi (I know, you thought we were eating pizza).  If you walked along the side of a pizza box, you would walk 7 cheesy kilometres.  The most worrying moment of the whole experiment was when we discovered that each Blonde had eaten a grand total of 38 square kilometres of pizza!