By: Blonde Two

In order to preserve my knees, I have been told by the doctor to get the weight of my pack down.  I keep going through the contents and sadly, the heaviest thing every time is my bag of emergency rations.  I know that it needs sorting out but can’t quite work out how to do it – there is a high chance that I am confusing the word “emergency” with another of my favourite words – “tasty”.

Currently the bag (waterproof of course) contains three Snickers bars (wrappers look dodgy), several sachets of hot chocolate (I don’t usually carry a stove), a half eaten bag of dried and frankly rather flaky fruit and an ancient looking packet of Brazil nuts.  Not very appealing but I do try to always have Wine Gums or Jelly Babies as an easily accessible supplement in my pocket.

Kendle Mint Cake doesn’t weigh very much but I have failed in my attempts to like it (I have tried very hard as it does seem to be the thing).  I went through an energy tablet phase until advised not to (good advice).  I appear to be stuck in a chocolate bar loop and don’t know how to get out of it.

So if anyone knows of a delicious, nutricious, high energy, low salt (unless I get cramp), weatherproof, lightweight snack that doesn’t take up too much space in my new rucksack – please share the info with this confused Blonde.