By: Blonde Two

There are plenty of foodstuffs that the Two Blondes like to carry in their rucksacks as emergency rations.  Blonde One is more organised, but I think that some of mine have been in there for at least four years.  Do Brazil nuts ever go off?

Being Blonde and being very organised, we Two like to make sure that we always have an emergency salad with us on all of our expeditions.  We even keep it carefully labelled!DSC_3882

I have been trying to think of some occasions that we might require us to be rescued by an emergency salad, but have only managed to come up with three;

1.  A Blonde spots a new pair of walking trousers but realises that they are only in the sale in a size less than her usual size … emergency salad to the rescue.

2.  A Blonde orders a massive pile of cheesy chips at Fox Tor Cafe and a whole coach load of Blonde fans turn up.  She wants to impress … emergency salad to the rescue.

3.  All of the other food that is available has been eaten, down to the last Jelly Baby.  A Blonde is getting very hungry … cue emergency salad.