By: Blonde One


I have reached the end of the DofE season and it is the time to clear out the rucksack and duffel bag and give them a bit of a spring clean. It’s not getting put away though because of the Morocco trip but it still gets its overhaul. The best thing about this task is the chance to actually eat the emergency snacks that (fortunately) have not been used. I always ditch the packet of soup and the nuts and raisins, but I always eat the Mars bars. This year however they have reached new levels of squashedness and I have decided to forfeit my treat. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but trust me the contents were inedible. I didn’t really fancy Mars bar coated in chicken soup powder, studded with cardboard flavoured raisins!

My mum-in-law taught me once that a baked cake that went wrong could still be used as a delicious dessert if it was smothered in custard … I think this mess is even beyond this treatment!