By: Blonde Two

As you read (if you are one of our early morning readers), Blondes One and Two will be once again waking up in the same tent; that is if the ‘catching up’ chatter has allowed us to go to sleep in the first place.

It is a rare time in a Blonde year that we don’t communicate for more than a day or two at a time, but my lack of internet and mobile access in Scotland led to a time of enforced ‘Blondelessness’. The same will happen when Blonde One and her troupe of youngsters adventure off to Morocco in a few weeks time. I am sure there was Blonding going on on both sides of the border while I was away, (Blondeness is for life not just for camp); but I need to think of ways to keep up the Blonde flag while she is gone. Some suggestions include:

1. A solo Jelly Baby fest (fattening!)
2. Telepathy practice (it worked in Scotland!)
3. A Blonde meeting of one at Fox Tor Cafe (too many chips!)
4. A night in a tent on the coldest day possible (it is summer!)
5. Driving somewhere on my own and not finding it (do it all the time!)
6. Donning an outfit that might match B1’s (Morocco is hotter!)
7. Random out loud giggling (could be embarrassing!)
8. A day of poorly disciplined hair (easy to arrange!)
9. Route planning for no particular purpose (love doing that!)
10. Sitting in a minibus passenger seat just for fun (first steal keys!)

If I haven’t been arrested, I’ll let you know how I get on later on this month!