By: Blonde Two

It can be a nerve wracking time when you are in unknown territory, to be the person in charge of navigation; especially when a combination of arriving late, emptying water-logged boots and taking far too many reservoir photos has led to a bit of unplanned night navigation.

To be fair, the night nav wasn’t entirely unplanned as I had suspected we might be a bit tardy. It was quite simple, follow our track, find the right point along it, bearing and 375 metres to a boundary then follow the boundary to the bothy track.

It stopped feeling simple however, when Running Girl and I found ourselves struggling down a steep slope over massive tussocks and through bog (yep, they have them in Wales too!)  It seemed impossible to think that we were heading in the right direction. Doubt was setting in by 100 metres and there were lots of bothy-looking shapes tempting us to wander.

By 250 metres, I was having an inner panic. What if I was completely wrong?  I knew that there was a lot of boggy ground in the vicinity, what if I was leading us into it?

The temptation to head off bearing to drier ground was enormous but I could feel Blonde One, like my conscience, on my shoulder. “Always trust your compass.” is her mantra; so I did.  I promised Running-Girl that we would only keep going for another 100m at the most, and there it was, right on cue, we had found the boundary.

After that, it was an easy and exciting matter to follow the boundary and track to the bothy.  There may, at this point, have been some over exuberant whooping!

Those of you who know our location will be keen at this juncture to tell me that there is an easy track all the way from the road down to the bothy.  Once it was daylight, we found this but it wasn’t marked on the map in its entirety and everyone knows that, especially at night, you should trust your compass!