By: Blonde Two

Mr Blonde Two is usually on evening dog walking duties but I have been accompanying him recently because the walk around our block has taken on a pretty exciting dusk-time persona.

First of all, there is the moon.  It is looking particularly touchable at the moment and is rising in just the right position through the trees.  Obviously, if the moon starts rising in the wrong position for my walk, I will feel obliged to tell it off and insist that it realigns itself.

Secondly there are our friendly neighbourhood owls.  They love to make their owly noises at dusk and can be heard for the whole walk.  They appear to be following us so I hope the noises are friendly, I don’t speak very good “owl” so I have taken to smiling and waving which is a fairly safe stock response.

And finally, there is “bat alley”.  We are big Batman fans in family Blonde Two, Six-Foot-Blonde is convinced that he actually is Batman!  A walk down bat alley at dusk can be a very exciting place.  The bats come whizzing down the run towards you, always looking like they are planning a kamikaze flight straight into you.  We never collide, a fact which I will have to put down to their reaction times rather than mine.  They are truly exciting and it is always a thrill to see them.

Evening walks are great.  What a shame that they will be turning into night time walks all too soon!