By: Blonde One

The ‘circles’ in question is actually my most recent expedition. It’s been in the planning since September and to say that it has reduced somewhat is a bit of an understatement!

At the start of the planning there was 6 youngsters on board, all keen and enthusiastic. This soon reduced to 5 and rapidly became 4! Was it something I said? As you may remember from the ‘weather’ blog, the camping nearly turned into a bunkhouse stay because of thunder. The day before the expedition the 4 nearly became 3 as one youngster reported a foot injury. This meant that he would probably not carry full kit; leaving some in the car and perhaps put himself in the car if it became too painful! Finally the distance had to be reduced as the kit checking and packing did not quite go as well as planned and we ended up starting the expedition 2 hours later than planned!

I have always considered myself to be quite good at ‘dynamic planning’ but this was just ridiculous!