By: Blonde One

The recent bothy trip was very educational; I learned all sorts of useful things. I learned bothy etiquette, I learned about Welsh water going to Birmingham and I learned a very clever trick for when sharing accommodation with others.

As you know, the bothy was very full that night and several of our companions admitted to being a snorer. Several more companions were accused of being a snorer by their friends, so all in all we had quite a high percentage of snorers with us! I don’t think I will reveal if the Two Blondes snore, but I think the phrase ‘Blondes don’t snore’ is quite similar to ‘Dancers don’t sweat’!

Our youngest companion declared that she knew how to stop people snoring and was prepared to use her powers that night. We were intrigued!

Hush fell in the bothy at about 2.30am, when the last of the late night cyclists arrived, and for a while we slept in silence (apart from the quiet contented murmurs, the rustling of bags and mats, and the scratching of a too-close mouse). Then the snoring began.

The little trick certainly did work and those of us that were awake to witness it had a little giggle about it. It seems that shouting ‘Snoring’ stops the person snoring! Who knew?! It wasn’t shouted loud; just loud enough for the person to hear. It worked every time. Brilliant!

The best part of the situation was when someone had obviously got dust up their nose and was having a good old sneezing fit. It would seem that shouting ‘Snoring’ does not stop sneezing! It was hilariously funny though!