By: Blonde Two

I do love a bit of Keane and this track is one of my favourites  As a young woman, I knew a wise person who said something that has stayed with me for a long time – “constant change is here to stay”.  As I grew older, I came to accept the truth of this and developed one of my own favourite sayings “You’ll never have that moment again.”

Change often comes when we are least expecting it, when we have settled into a certain way of being or when we have grown so used to people that we know what they are thinking.  In my experience, change does not often arrive when you are looking for it.  It kind of creeps up on you, taps you on the back and chuckles “here I am, ready to shake up your world again”.  The more times you deal with change, the more you understand that it can be dealt with – this doesn’t necessarily make you welcome it.

You may have noticed that the Two Blondes are sticklers for systems, maybe this is why we both find the idea of change so tricky.  Of course, the world won’t end if we swap which side of the tent we sleep on or where we pack our kit in the car.  Nothing terrible will actually happen if we forget our Jelly Babies or order a different breakfast at the Fox Tor Cafe but there is a lovely security in knowing that things are going to happen just as you expect them to.

Dartmoor is the perfect antidote for someone who is worrying about a coming change whether it be a tiny one like which new walking top to buy or a huge one like moving house.  If you are worried about a change, take yourself up onto the moor and find one of its ancient crosses (I recommend giving one a hug) – they have been there for a very long time and they have only changed a negligible amount.

Jelly Nun's Cross

Siwards Cross near to Nun’s Cross Farm is a perfect example – it is a place that I am very fond of and has already seen me through some changes in my life.  I have been there with different people (and a few Jelly Babies) and built all kinds of different lovely memories.  All moments that I will never have again – but if that thought makes you sad, just think of those wonderful experiences that you haven’t had yet.  If change didn’t exist then we wouldn’t have those to look forward to would we?