By: Blonde Two

Walking in Torbay

I don’t know if you have noticed a change in your area but here in Torbay (and indeed many other parts of Devon) everybody appears to be going for a walk.

We already seem to have August-level visitor numbers, and the accompanying traffic issues but lots of people are being really sensible and enjoying Torbay (as it is best enjoyed) on foot.

The South West is already one of the most active areas in England, so it’s perhaps no surprise to see this increase in walking activity.

A walking speed for everyone

The Torquay seafront, usually the domain of ice-cream carrying wanderers is a hive of pedestrian activity. I’ve spotted (and chatted to) walkers enjoying the South West Coast Path, beach-hopping bimblers, swim-seeking explorers, and restaurant bound strollers.

I’ve talked to people who haven’t visited South Devon since childhood, people who are surprised by how relaxed we all are, people who are envious of us locals, and people who are seriously considering a move in this direction. All of them have been travelling by foot.

Favourite walks in Torbay

So where would I, a local, choose to go for a walk if I was visiting Torbay? Here are my top five suggestions:

  1. Bishops Walk and Anstey’s Cove (sea views)
  2. Berry Head forts (great cafe)
  3. Brixham Breakwater (blow the cobwebs away)
  4. Cockington Country Park (ice-creams available)
  5. Maidencombe to Oddicombe Beach (South West Coast Path)

Self-guided walks in Devon

If you fancy doing a bit more walking around Devon but aren’t sure where to go, I have a great suggestion for you. Ordnance Survey’s new Secret Stories app has been designed for families but we Blondes think its relaxed and funny approach is perfect for everyone.

These self-guided tours turn a walk into a mini adventure, and get you learning about your location along the way. All you need to do is install the Secret Stories app, download your chosen tour (all the Devon ones below are just £2.99) then follow the pink dot from story to story.

If you’re not in Devon, Secret Stories tours are popping up all over Great Britain but I can really recommend the Devon ones because… well because I wrote them!!! And you already know how much I love Devon, and a good story!!

  1. Meet Agatha Christie along Torquay’s famous seafront
  2. Uncover some fishy tales in Brixham
  3. Find out more about Dartmoor’s favourite tor at Haytor
  4. Work out why the pigs left Dartmoor’s Pork Hill
  5. Meet your Bronze Age ancestors in Dartmoor’s Bellever Forest

Active travel advantages

Of course, the very best thing about choosing active travel and walking everywhere is that you don’t have to stick to the roads (or worry about parking). With an extensive network of footpaths, bridleways, permissive paths, green lanes, and even foot ferries to choose from, we really are spoilt here in South Devon.

They say the South West is best. They’re not even lying!!

Family Walk – Bishops Walk and Anstey’s Cove

Family Walk – Berry Head Forts