By: Blonde One

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I am excited to share with you a fantastic scheme being run by the British Heart Foundation which is enabling many students to be trained in basic CPR. We have recently discussed the issue of First Aid training in schools in a previous blog where our delightful MPs didn’t quite see things the Blonde (accurate) way, and I hope you are getting the picture by now that us Blondes don’t need the ‘say so’ from anyone, never mind MPs, to do what’s right. Obviously the people at the BHF are a little bit Blonde too. So, I applied for one of the FREE Call Push Rescue kits and this is what arrived. It’s a big red bag full of the bits and pieces needed for CPR training, including dummies (a bit scary looking), instructional DVD and knee mats. I eagerly await the first opportunity to get them tested.

If you’re involved with any school, community project or youth group why don’t you see if you could get your own.