By: Blonde One

As part of the Two Blondes role within the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award we are lucky enough to be involved in a Gold Expedition which will take place next summer. This expedition has to take place in wild country that is unfamiliar to the participants – which means that Dartmoor is out 🙁

The Two Blondes and the participants (who obviously don’t know our secret identity and think we are just called ‘Miss’) have been having a think about what area we could go to. The Two Blondes have given as much information as we possibly can about the choices but the ultimate decision belonged to the participants (and rightly so). We are very excited that they think they have chosen the Peak District. This is an area that has never been fully explored by The Two Blondes and we are looking forward to our visit. It will be a challenge for us all to organise this expedition but the benefits will far outweigh any difficulties. I am beginning to learn a little bit about the area already and am looking forward to potentially visiting the lovely sounding Dove Dale, Kinder Scout and Snake Pass.

Any tips on places to stay, views to admire or hills to climb – let us know!