By: Blonde One

This morning in the Blonde One household something very exciting happened. Before reading this little bit of writing about what’s in the mind of B1, I should remind you that exciting things come in all shapes and sizes in the Two Blonde’s world. We find it equally exciting to have a special compass storage box as we do to see DofE participants achieve recognition for their amazing feats. So be prepared … this exciting thing may not be at all exciting to you!

This morning I ventured into the darkest, messiest part of my house to find my expedition duffel bag. Last year this bag surfaced in April and was not returned to its dark corner until October. It spent time in Cornwall, France, Torbay, Morocco and of course lots of time on Dartmoor. It is a joyous day (humour me) to see my bag again and for me it represents expeditions with fabulous people (adults and kids), adventures and achievements.

The spare bed in the B1 household is only used for 2 things: accommodating B2 when she comes to stay and accommodating my expedition bag between trips. It is a good feeling to think of the whole year of trips ahead all held together by my yellow and grey bag!