By: Blonde Two

We all know how much Dartmoor Ponies love living on Dartmoor. They do it in such style; prancing around, causing traffic jams, nibbling rucksacks, stomping on gorse, eating people’s cars and generally causing beautiful chaos.

Well, we Blondes have been doing some detective work and have observed that these naughty but very lovable rogues are turning their interest towards altogether different locales. With the upsurge of tv programs such as, “I Don’t Like My House Anymore” and “My Door Is Bigger Than Yours”, it is small wonder that our diminutive friends have started to look further afield (or not a field as the case may be).

We found these little beauties happily munching their way along the South West Coast Path.

Montague (seen here indulging in a bit of rolling practice) told us, “We started our coast path walk at Land’s End three years ago. We are making slow progress but there is an awful lot of grass to eat along the way.”

Froward Pony Rolling

Aphrodite (who prefers not to show her face in publicity photos) was keen to point out that so far, not all of the group had enjoyed all sections of the South West Coast Path. “Swimming really isn’t my thing, and they wouldn’t let us on the ferry at Dartmouth. The seals laughed at us all the way across the estuary.”

Froward Pony 2

I asked the ponies if they would like to return to Dartmoor one day. They were munching so hard that their reply was difficult to hear … I caught the words ‘wolves’, ‘rewilding’, ‘not’ and ‘Nelly’!