By: Blonde One

The recent bothy trip went above and beyond what I expected in so many ways. Let me explain …

I expected:

To have fun but thought that quite a lot of it might be type 2 fun.

Us 3 to be alone in the bothy.

To have to dig holes for toilet issues.

To be cold.

Lovely views of Welsh hills.

Not to sleep much.

A quiet evening chatting and laughing with an early night.

A small shell of a building.

What I got:

95% type 1 fun by the bucket load.

A very very busy bothy. So busy, in fact, that some had to sleep outside.

A flushing (kind of) toilet.

I was freezing cold most of the time. When the fire was lit I warmed up to being merely cold!

The most stunning views of hills and reservoir.

No much sleep (more about this later).

A noisy party atmosphere with lots of chatting and laughing.

A cute little cottage with a few basic features to make it more comfortable.


Despite being quite wrong with my expectations I can confirm that it was an amazing trip and I cannot wait to do it again!