By: Blonde One

Tomorrow is our next day out training with our Ten Tors kids and as always the Two Blondes are full of expectations. The day will be a little different to usual as we take a more low level route to avoid wind and snowy hilltops. Our navigation training will involve a more Bronze D of E type training as we teach our kids to navigate ‘by expectation’. This is a form of navigation that doesn’t really need a compass and involves walking on lanes, tracks and major paths. We will work out which lane we are on and then face the right direction (using a compass if necessary) and then look at the map to see what features we expect to see after a defined amount of time walking. We then walk until we get to that feature (such as a junction, phone box, etc) and move on to the next feature. It’s a very different form of navigation and our Ten Tors veterans find it a bit tricky sometimes even though it’s a less complicated form of finding your way from A to B.

I have my own set of expectations before each training walk. Here they are …

I expect: to get wet and cold, to spend a lot of time laughing, to be grumpy once for a short time, to give my spare jelly babies to a group of fed up kids, to say “five minutes just around the corner” to the question “how far is it now”, to enjoy my chocolate but not my Ribena, to be very tired and finally to come home with a clear head feeling very happy!