By: Blonde Two

Over the last year of expeditions, I have developed an evening meal system that kind of works and kind of doesn’t.

EXPEDITION COOKING SUCCESS:  I don’t know if you have seen ‘Look What We Found’ meals at your local supermarket. They are really yummy, use carefully sourced ingredients and are designed to be cooked in a microwave or scooped into a pan, but can also be boiled in their bag. I have tried a fair selection and never been disappointed, so they are definitely a camp-cooking success. The only issue with these real-meal-at-camp dinners is that they are less calorific than an army ration meal (most things are!) Less calories are usually good, but when you have been walking all day in the rain, calories, particularly carbohydrates, are what give you the guts to do it again the next day. So I had an idea …BruKit LWWF

EXPEDITION COOKING FAILURE: I thought that I had very cleverly solved the Blonde-needs-calories issue, not by having two ‘Look What We Found’ meals (very tempting); but by sticking a bag of Uncle Ben’s microwave rice in to boil at the same time. This works to a degree; both packages fit in a BruKit boiler, and you can tip the rice in on top of your stew/korma/chilli without any spilling. The only trouble is that the rice doesn’t really heat up quite enough; I think this is because of the lack of liquid.

So this Blonde system is not quite the success I had hoped it might be. It works in that you get a tasty, nutritious warmish meal; but warmish just doesn’t cut the mustard on a chilly winter night. I love ‘Look What We Found’ (they are also really friendly people) and will keep on eating their meals, but the rice just isn’t the way to go (sorry Uncle Ben).

During my extensive research for this blog post, I found this fascinating insight into what different  armies around the world put in their 24 hour ration packs. Guess who has Marmite?!?