By: Blonde Two

Did you guess yesterday who inhabits Explorer House?

Well, I hope so because if you did, that probably means that you are explorer-types too and were interested enough to work out all of the clues. If you didn’t guess then I will put you out of your misery right now…

It is Ordnance Survey of course, where else would the world’s best mappists live and who would be foolish enough to try exploring without a map?

I am a great believer in names having some bearing on the type of person you are. For example, I once knew someone called Harmony who was a fantastic singer, someone called Bob who was good at swimming and someone called Blonde who had light-coloured hair. It has never occurred to me before however, that place names could have an equal bearing on our lives, for example:

  • Bud Flanagan lived at ‘The Arches’ (but not underneath them)
  • Percy Thrower lived at ‘The Magnolias’ (but not in them)
  • Chris Bonnington lived at ‘Badger Hill’ (presumably he bought it in the early days of his mountaineering career)

I had a look at the Dartmoor map (via OS Maps of course) to see if any of the place names could give me a clue as to who lived there:

  • Huccaby Farm – a long lost cousin of Mr Finn?
  • Dunnabridge Farm – the architect Norman Foster?
  • Crock of Gold – Midas?
  • Little Mis Tor – Ebeneezer Scrooge?
  • Penn Moor – JK Rowling?
  • Slipper Stones – Cinderella?
  • Frenchbeer Rock – Mr and Mrs Kronenbourg?

My house is named with a connection to one of my childhood heroes (sadly it is not called The Batcave, and I don’t think Wonder Woman had a house). I sometimes wonder what I would call a brand new house… especially as Explorer House is already taken!