By: Blonde Two

I had lots of visitors at work yesterday and expect more today.  This is usually a good thing and something to be anticipated but today, the visitors all came with one question on their lips.  Sadly, it wasn’t, “Would you like a cupcake?”, “Would you like to take the afternoon off?” or even “Would you like to come and entertain this hunky male visitor?”  No, dear Blondees and Blondettes, the question that everybody was keen to ask was, “Have you seen the weather forecast for Saturday?”

If only they were all true Blonde fans, they would have been able to save themselves the journey to my office because they would have known that, even in ordinary weather, by the Thursday before a Ten Tors trip, I would have looked at the forecast at least a hundred times.  I have, in fact, examined it so often that I have almost memorised all of the symbols and know instantly if they have changed (which, of course, they have done lots of times).  I also know the exact meaning, colour and suggested impact of all of the weather warnings.  I can tell you the times at which it will snow/thunder/blow us off the hill, the time to the minute that the sun will set and I can make a fairly accurate estimate of the number of times I will have to sing to help me to keep calm (does that work for anybody else?)


Not all of the “Weather Warning” visitors expressed surprise that the Blondes were still considering venturing out on Saturday but most of them did.  I can’t blame them really, not everyone gets a kick out of having rain slammed into their face and dribbling down their backs and even less people enjoy persuading cold, grumpy youngsters that the experience is good for them.  We will have to change the plans a bit/a lot and I will be in for another day of obsessive weather forecast watching today but, even if we have to walk around the park for six hours, the Blondes and their troupe will be out getting extreme weathered somewhere tomorrow.

Codicil:  Decisions, decisions … training cancelled but I will have to go out for a walk or I will shrivel up in a heap!