By: Blonde Two

A Fairy Bridge sounds very small doesn’t it?  Maybe made out of a willow withy or a sycamore seed wing and suspended by a spiders thread over a trickle of water.

The Dartmoor Fairy bridge was nothing like as delicate and could happily take a pair of Blondes, their rucksacks and their assorted troupe of youngsters safely across the Swincombe.  We have crossed it in sunshine, in the rain, in the very early morning and even once when it was covered in ice (not my favourite moment).

And now it has been removed  Which is not necessarily a bad thing because it hasn’t been safe since the February storms last year.  There is a route around, quite a pretty one, via Sherberton which is good for a bit of navigation practice.  In true Blonde style, I managed to lose a team there for a short while last year.  There are also some stepping stones but I have never seen them above the water and, as you know, I have a negative reaction to anything which connects the words “stepping” and “stone”.

My main concern is for the fairies.  I know that they have been on walk-about for a wee while now, but they were presumably coming home to the Fairy Bridge every now and again (can you have a prodigal fairy?).  They are going to get a shock next time they come back, and I don’t want to be the one who is around when they see what has happened.  I think we may be in for a bit of small-folk rebellion and who knows where that might lead!Fairy Bridge