By: Blonde One

You know the old phrase ‘familiarity breeds contempt’? Well I don’t think it’s necessarily true. In terms of getting outside, whether it’s walking, camping or swimming, you can never have too much of a good thing. I certainly have my favourite places to go and that familiarity gives me reassurance rather than resentment. Dartmoor contains many places that remain unvisited by me and I will continue to enjoy trying to explore them all, but there are also places that I visit time and time again. Why? Well, just because they are beautiful. There is a kind of contentment created when I visit certain locations that I know well.


Equally, my favourite holiday location is without a doubt the Isles of Scilly. I visit there as often as I can and never tire of the familiar landscape. The crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches almost create a feeling of ‘coming home’.


Complacency is definitely not an issue as I see each subtle change in these landscapes with new eyes every time and am guaranteed to find something completely new that I had not noticed before.